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Tickets £8 (concessions £7) Mike Turner 01905 620757 or Iris Checketts 01905 620853

November 30th, December 1st and 2nd.



Lloyd George Junior School has had an inspection and the report's not good. The scheming head is only concerned with sucking up to anyone who''ll enchance his CV and the all female staff are either too lazy, too disgruntled or too naive to care. Suddenly a handsome new supply teacher walks in and everyone falls over to win his attention. Shocked to find the woman he loved and lost at uni there, can he re-kindle the flame?

Cast List

Maxine McManus

Mrs Jubb

Clive Beasley

Dan Thomson

Kate Faraday

Jenny Peasgood

Liz Nicholas

Pat Lowther



Mr Smedley Allen

Mrs Smedley Allen

Councillor Tate

Kate Joels

Pauline Boyce

Chris Hall

Steve Willis

Tracy Venables

Kerry Horne

Jacci Phillips

Leigh Surtees

Tina Dyble

Ruth Hammond

Simon Billington

Clare Marsh

Tony Checketts